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Default Help with window treatments!


I am having difficulty with a home-decorating project that I started.
I purchased 100% cotton drapes from IKEA. Because they are too casual
for my needs, I thought that it would be fairly simple to turn these
inexpensive tab-top curtains into custom window treatments by adding a
lining and rod-pocket for the panels, and making arched lined and
interlined valences with piping to match. I pre-washed and dried the
curtains as per the manufacturer's suggestions, pressed the panels to
remove wrinkles using a pressing cloth, then cut the tab-top and side
seams off so as to have a large piece of fabric. Then I cut the
lining fabric so that it was both shorter and not as wide as the now
cut IKEA panel. Before any cuts were made, I checked and double
checked using quilting rulers to ensure that the cuts would be
"square." After hemming both the lining as well as the panel with a
blind stitch I then attempted to put the first panel together. My
problem? The IKEA fabric stretches. Every time I pin and attempt to
sew the lining to the panel, "wonkiness" ensues. Short of using spray
starch/sizing is there anyway to stabilise the panel to minimise the
stretch? I need to create window treatments for 5 windows before the