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Default the shawl that just happened ,,,

On Jul 7, 2:57 am, (Mirjam Bruck-Cohen) wrote:
Now Newgroupers you all know how busy i am ... but as i entered a shop
to buy a piece of Jeans lace, i was sewing a skirt +shirt for me ,
decided to add a skirt and shirt for a friend, thus thought some lace
would do well ,,, i saw this Breathtaking wonderful multycolored
cotton ,, and i just added it to my bill ,,,, It is a bit stiff ,,,
but crocheting it makes for the most uptodate type of shawl ,,, thus i
am sort of between everything else crocheting a traingular shawl, and
i am not sure who the reciever will be or if i keep it ,,, Just to
enhance the various colors i add some `dots` [ 2-3 dc over 2-3 rows]
in one of the colors , this feels like some flowers are caught in the
lace ,,,,,i also play with the lace and just do it ,,,,

SOunds lovely, Mirjam!