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Default Book - needlework books we own

Now I feel like an official hoarder because I collect books, patterns
and supplies for all my crafts. In my craft room there is a 6 shelf
rack about 7 foot tall and 4 foot wide filled with craft books
involving crossstitch, quilting, knitting, crocheting and
scrapbooking. There is a 4 drawer office filing cabinet filled with
cross stitch pattern charts and a 2 drawer one filled with
crochet/knitting charts.

The hallway is lined with bookcases that hold my collection of
mysteries I haven't read - about 1000. Did I mention we went to a
book sale at the library today? Good thing I read quickly and

I use my books mainly for inspiration, seldom using a pattern or chart
exactly like it is printed. I especially love books that show
techniques, patterns or reference information as I use them to gather
ideas for my projects.

We have another 8 bookcases floor to ceiling in the living room and
dining room as well as more books in my husband's "den". Love, love,
love books!!! Moni