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Default way OT - but I did learn it here

Debra, I have very fair, sensitive skin, which is kinda weird because I'm
1/4 Native American. I inherited my mother's Scandinavian complexion, I
guess. I tan quite easily and when I was a little kid used to be brown as a
berry in the summer. My Dane gramma used to tell me if I didn't behave,
she'd give me to the Indians. LOL

Anyway, I've always been very careful what I put on my skin, all over.
Soaps, makeup, etc. Can't use anything with dyes or perfumes in my laundry
soap either.

I was thrilled with the minerals makeup because it seems to be actually good
to my skin. Still have to slather on lots of moisturizer, but that's OK.


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On Tue, 10 Apr 2007 19:50:25 GMT, "Karen, Queen of Squishies" Karen @ wrote:

I recently received, and today just tried for the first time, my Bare
Minerals make-up. Wow! How tasteful, and how pretty! I no longer have
look like death warmed over, not even now. And it's amazing how it
even really look like make-up. Thank you, all of you, who talked about
awhile back. How very, very nice it is to feel pretty today.

Karen, Queen of Squishies

Were you the one who said she had very sensitive skin? How's that
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