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Default way OT - but I did learn it here

It's true, it is so easy, which is a BIG factor for me right now with my
strength. But this just takes like, maybe 2 minutes. I've been waiting
three days for my husband to notice that I'm wearing make-up. He hasn't
yet! LOL

Karen, Queen of Squishies

I love mine, too! I'd given up using any makeup, but when this came out, I
had to try it. And wow! It's great! Easy, super-quick, good to your
skin, and people don't even know you're wearing makeup.

The only thing I need to do, is keep a lot of moisturizer on my skin. I
have such dry, "alligator skin." LOL I need to use a face mask once a
week, and slather on moisturizer twice a day. Then the powder doesn't
make me look like my skin is peeling off.


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I recently received, and today just tried for the first time, my Bare
Minerals make-up. Wow! How tasteful, and how pretty! I no longer have
to look like death warmed over, not even now. And it's amazing how it
doesn't even really look like make-up. Thank you, all of you, who talked
about this awhile back. How very, very nice it is to feel pretty today.

Karen, Queen of Squishies