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Default Directory updating!!

Liz, you can send your information to Karen via inbox her email address is the same . If you dont have it send me an email and I will send it to you

Dee in Oz

On Sunday, 14 January 2018 00:55:35 UTC+11, Liz Megerle wrote:
Hi Amy,
I'm just barely a Facebook user. Is there an easy way to find Karen to
send a friend request? I've sent requests over the years to join the
rctq group but they've fallen by the wayside, it seems. I was in the
directory years ago.
Liz Megerle

On 1/12/2018 3:41 PM, amy in SoCal wrote:
Hi Y'all! karen tucker is revising the Directory and would like your input if you would like to be included. Here is her directive:

I am now taking applications for the RCTQ Directory 2018. This will be a long post. Please read it carefully, and then send in your information.3

R.C.T.Q. Directory application instructions:

1. We have to be friends on facebook - if I don't already know you - so I can "see" you. Just part of the decision-making process for the security of everyone information. If we are not friends, send me a friend request. You can unfriend me after you get the Directory and all will be well if you like.

2. YOU MAY NOT GIVE THIS DIRECTORY TO ANYONE ELSE IN THE GROUP, OR ANYONE NOT IN THE GROUP. If someone loses their copy, send them to me. If someone isn't in the Directory they just flat can not have it. Our security depends on you, and everyone is trusting you to protect their personal information.

3. The Directory will be sent to the email you provide with your listing. It will be sent in Excel and PDF.

4. I will take applications until Feb. 10, at which time I will close the door on any further applicants.

5. I will begin sending out the Directory to everyone who is in it shortly after that. They may not all go out on the same day. But it will come. If it has been too many days, then start searching your email spam folder, it might have gone in there.

6. If you are not accepted for this Directory don't take it too hard. Stick around in the group, keep participating, and we will all get to know you a little better for the next one.

Please send the following information to hicall(no space)[email protected](no space)

Please check your information to see that you did not leave out anything I am asking for, and to make sure there are no typos in your entry.
If everything is the same as the last Directory - SEND IT ANYWAY. Thanks!

First& Last Name:

RCTQ nickname if you had one:

email address:

mailing address:

favorite fabric:

birth month& day:

thanks everyone!
Amy in SoCal