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Default OT Finally Closing!

On Monday, November 27, 2017 at 9:05:33 AM UTC-7, Night Mist wrote:
After much fuss and bother we finally have a closing date!
We close this Friday.
I got the confirmation from the lawyer this morning. The seller's lawyer dragged their tail about getting ours the needed papers, so he had to work at top speed because our grant expires on the fourth.

This is splendid news because a chunk of wood in the exterior wall of our kitchen had apparently rotted, and it fell away a couple of weeks ago. the result of that is a hole you can climb through, and the top of it comes up above floor level. It seems to have damaged the plumbing under the sink as well, and there is a very fast leak in the feed line. A big draft and a serious plumbing problem, somehow just the final farewell to this place I would have expected.

Now if the Last Landlord would just get his butt over here so I can give him his termination of residency letter...


PS The grant is from a private foundation in conjunction with a bank in Pittsburgh.
It is not a government grant of any sort. Just saying because some relatives and such have given me grief based on assumptions.