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Default New stash!

Awesome stash Joan!

I had to pause and consider the person who asked the NUMBER of stash a stitcher might have. That thought made me shudder a bit...I've never counted my stash but I think it's a good exercise to know how much you have.

I have 7 current WIPs...I love finishing more than starting projects so this number is always low. As for patterns I'd guess I have about 20-25 in my stash at this moment. I do go through it about once a year and donate any patterns or WIPS that just don't thrill me anymore. If I did not cull them on a regular basis I'm sure I'd get up to about 75, maybe more.

The thing that frustrates is that my tastes are constantly changing and sometimes what I buy with great enthusiasm doesn't stand the test of time...I REFUSE to stitch something I only feel ho-hum about. To combat this and try to save some money and space in my closet, I usually make myself wait several months before I buy a new pattern (since there are no stitchy shops in my area I don't have to be worried about impulse buying in person). Lately I've also made the rule that I can't kit something up until I'm ready to stitch it, so as not to waste the money if I decide never to do it.

So come clean big is your stash? Any tips for keeping it manageable?