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Cool, thank you, Val


Part 5, the Check Digit, is mathematically calculated based on the other
digits. When a scanner reads the barcode, it's software again calculates
what the check digit should be, and compares that to the printed (bar coded)
check digit. Just an error checking method, it has no meaning in and of

This technique, in various forms, is used everywhere. The last digit (or X)
in a book's ISBN is a checkdigit. The last couple of numbers in your credit
card number are check digits.


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"Candace" wrote in message
Interpreting Your Coupons

Here is what most coupon numbers will look like:

1 22222 33344 5 (6666) 7 88888 9)

5----This is the Check digit, and no one to my knowledge has figured out
it is for. Disregard.