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Default How to Charge for Cross Stitch Commission Work???

On Friday, October 5, 2012 8:18:54 PM UTC-4, wrote:
After stitching for many years now, am at a point where would like to look into doing commissioned work. But not sure how to locate clients (thinking Etsy??), how much to charge per piece - materials, labor, etc. And how to vary that by the complexity of the work, the type of material sewing on 14 ct, 18 ct, etc, cotton vs. linen, over 1 versus over 2.

If anyone is currently doing commission work, would appreciate any advice on getting started. Also if doing work and selling on your own, where are you selling it and how much are you charging (how do you figure out what to charge??)?

Very hard - I've stitched for a shop and for a designer. In the case of the shop, I got shop credit which worked out well. It paid for all of my supplies (silks, overdyes, fabrics). Just don't think you are going to actually earn much. I did a piece for a designer which took me over 700 hours of stitching. I have about '$1200' credit in my 'account' with the designer. I can use it to buy things from the designer's website, or get first dibs on stuff she puts up on her 'stitchers' page. I suspect that I will never use my credit since most of the patterns on her site are not ones I'd stitch. I'm not really complaining, if you want to stitch on commission know that you really are doing it for the love of the stitching not the getting paid.