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"Kandice Seeber" wrote:

Oh, yeah, baby!

I got my new oxygen concentrator today and it's wonderful.
For those of you who have no idea what I mean - an oxygen concentrator is a
contraption normally used by people who need oxygen for breathing. Lampwork
bead makers have recently began using them for their torches with much
success. I got mine from Paulette at Suncoast Beads
(, who gets them from a medical supply company. The
models we get are refurbished. It can take up to four weeks to get one
according to Paulette's web site - mine took almost five. Not that I am
complaining - I am just so glad to have one!

Hooking up the concentrator to my Nortel Minor torch was incredibly easy -
easier than hooking up a tank of oxygen, as you don't need a flashback
arrestor or a regulator. Paulette has instructions up on her site, and they
are easy to follow. She has specs, also, in case the unit needs
The concentrator is very quiet - and with all the other stuff in my studio
on (the overhead fan, the kiln, the radio, the torch itself) I can't even
hear it. By itself, it makes a whirring noise (the motor, I'm sure), a kind
of swishy breathing noise (kinda like Darth Vadar, only softer), and the
pump makes a faint plopping noise every few seconds.
The flame is nice and medium - even a little hotter than I am used to, but I
normally work in a very cool oxygen rich flame for my smallish Moretti
beads. It's adjustable, but takes some getting used to because most of the
adjusting is done with the propane valve.
Boy is it nice to not have to worry about how much oxygen I am using.
Ahhhhhh. And no more having to wait for a tank to be delivered. No more
paying $100 or more a month for oxygen. Even if this baby lasts only 4
months, it will have more than paid for itself. And no more being overbilled
in error by the welding supply store. Yey!!!
I pulled stringer, made a couple of spacers and then tested it on a larger
bead. I used a volitile color (gold pink, or rubino oro - same thing) over
pale lavender on a black base. I made raised flowers - one of my more
difficult designs. The bead turned out beautifully.

I am so, so happy. I'm doing a little jig. Yipee!!!
Kandice Seeber

Yay Kandice, that's so exciting! I looooooove mine too, and couldn't
recommend them highly enough! I just need to get a second one so I can
use the larger flame on my Midrange. I have a sudden obsession with
making glass eggs.

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