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Default Gordian knot pattern question of skill


She should be ok. It is done with partial seams and if she runs into
any trouble, e-mail me at sneezie at bigfoot dot com and I'll try to
help her. I found it best to lay it out before sewing it all together.
When you get the book read it over several times and you should be ok.

Bob & Kathleen wrote:

Thank you so much. I have already placed my order. The others in the
book also look interesting. Because you have taught this class, can a
beginner make this one? DD2 has only done 2 quilts. The first was a nine
patch set on point for her son (done in frog fabrics, very cute!) and
has just finished piecing her second, a pattern called Lasagna (I've
seen it called by other names) which was 4" strips cut in various
lengths and sewn together. She used batiks (she takes after DH in her
love of those).

Tamara wrote:

Further research found this. NAYY

Hope this helps.