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Default Gordian knot pattern

Further research found this. NAYY
Hope this helps.


Bob & Kathleen wrote:

DH, DD2 and I (along with 7 month old grandson) went to a quilt show
today. DD2 saw a quilt made batiks (which she loves) that was a Gordian
knot. All the information available was the quilter made it from a
pattern in a class taught by "Gail". Called one LQS and talked to Gail
but it wasn't her. Did some Googling and found out which shop it was and
called them. They are doing another class on Monday but DD2 can't go.
They refuse to sell the pattern without the class and it was in a book
that is now out of print. (they were actually quite insistent that she
HAD to take the class). She can't, I can't, DH can't take class. Has
anyone seen this pattern? It's supposed to be an easier way to make it.
You cut the strips and work from the bottom up. You only use 3 batiks
for the knot, along each side of the batiks you use a small strip of
plain (probably 1" width). I am willing to pay for the pattern. I am
trying to work it out on EQ5 but it's slow going.
Kathleen in TX