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Default Raven and the First Men carving, by Bill Reid

The waning of the moon from full moon to new (dark) moon
can be symbolically represented as the rolling aside of
the tombstone, ushering in a new age at new moon.

This coming new moon, which I hope will mark the onset of
sudden magickal physical evolution (including of adults),
can also be represented by the Raven depicted in Bill
Reid’s massive carving of The Raven and The First Men
(a raven atop a clamshell from which people are emerging)
in The Museum of Anthropology at UBC in Vancouver,
close to where I did my naked sun stare, thorn hill climb,
and blue rose vision over 29 years ago.

I am documenting my latest magickal attempt in the thread
“invoking my four local main deities, in one last attempt”
on the newsgroup alt.magick, for those who might be
interested in tracking my progress. It is going much more
slowly than past (fake) attempts.

And a sample image of the large wooden carving is at .

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