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On Wed, 30 Aug 2017 09:37:31 -0700 (PDT), Violet Stitches

I prefer to frame them. Sharon in MN

That's my preference too, though wall space is a huge issue in my open floor plan house (because there's no interior walls!). If I were ever to move I would NOT get another open floor plan because it's just too noisy when you live with other people. Plus, more walls means more space for stitching.

Over the years, the finishing became rather the problem. Even now my
condo has walls of stitching and pillows and can hold no more. I
don't think my friends and kids want more either, hence the switch to
knitting socks. lucretia

I've seen on youtube that some stitchers have created a "gallery wall" with stitching pieces all over it. This has a certain appeal to me and I'm considering trying it. In the past I've given most of my stitching away, but now I'm making a lot of stuff for ME...mostly because I find other people don't appreciate the effort that goes into it. The volume of finished pieces I have is only going up so this is going to become problematic as times goes on.

I'm so jealous you can knit! I tried making socks a few years ago but both knitting and crocheting use too much wrist rotation, and my damaged hands/wrists can't take it. If I ever get bionic hands, knitting socks is the first thing I'd do.

I have had plastic surgery on the both thumb joints so I could
continue knitting lol For return thanks I knitted the surgeon a
handsome pair of socks.

I also have my great grandmother's sampler she did as a
young woman (clearly she did not like stitching)

LMAO!! I'd love more details about this.

OK I have posted some poor pics to rctnp - you will find in Sheena's
album. I had to use a flash on my great grandmothers sampler - I can
only think it has something to do with the conservation framing with
which it is done. The one with blue matting is the one that one aunt
started, then second aunt added and I finished doing the crewel bits.
The other one celebrating 1967 when we arrived here was a joint
project with another aunt, both out samplers are similar, she was the
one who really got me on the sampler kick. The long, green one was
the millenium one that was finished in 1992

I hope someone else thinks so when I hop off the mortal

It has been a rather sad thing for me to realize that no one will want my stitching after I die. I can't believe my son is going to desire to decorate his future home in flowers and mermaids. My mom is 73 and loves my stitching, but when she dies I'll probably get everything I've given her back. This is why I don't spend money on using acid-free materials or expensive glass when I frame...I expect all my stitching will go either to the goodwill or in the garbage when I die. *cringe*