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On Tue, 29 Aug 2017 05:53:45 -0500, "sharoncapps"

I prefer to start a project but do plan this winter to frame some that I
have completed stitching. I prefer to frame them.
Sharon in MN

Over the years, the finishing became rather the problem. Even now my
condo has walls of stitching and pillows and can hold no more. I
don't think my friends and kids want more either, hence the switch to
knitting socks.

Probably the oddest of the lot appeals now, it was a long sampler that
I started in 1998 as a millennium project and actually finished it in
2002 I left some spaces and have added great grandchildren etc as
they arrived). I also have my great grandmothers sampler she did as a
young woman (clearly she did not like stitching), one an aunt had
partially completed and that I finished on my paternal side and one an
aunt on my maternal side did for me. The samplers are interesting in
their way and I hope someone else thinks so when I hop off the mortal

"Violet Stitches" wrote in message
On Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 7:29:03 AM UTC-5, Rich wrote:
I finished stitching the Ivory Billed Woodpecker by Crossed Wings
Designs. (forgot to include this one in my count from earlier post)

Working on jig saw puzzle now, to take a little break from stitching.


Congrats on your finish Rich! Nothing feels better.

I guess a lot of stitchers like starting projects over finishing them, but I
love finishing best. Everytime I complete a stitching I finished it fully
into something, which seems to be a rare thing among stitchers. I think I
want to use Vonna's tutorials and perhaps start making some flat-folds with
future's much less expensive than framing. I must confess
though, my finishing skills are not really up to snuff and look nothing like
Vonna's gorgeous projects.

How about you you love starting or finishing best? What is your
favorite method of finishing (frame, flat-fold, pillow, etc)?