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Default Paternayan yarn numbers

bungadora wrote:
I tried writing JCA about a week ago and haven't had an answer yet on
whether they still have a chart available or not. If I don't hear back
from them next week, I'll try writing again. If not, and if you succeed
in your enterprise I'd like to have a copy.

I also have a few 1970's patterns I wouldn't mind decoding,
particularly a book on Persian rug designs. Mind you, if I haven't been
able to get around to them after nearly 30 years there's a good chance
I never will.


smj wrote:
I have a Paternayan card that has samples of each color and a
conversion chart for Elsa Williams Tapestry yarn. By checking the
earlier messages, I see that it has the newer color numbers. The card
has five pages of samples and folds in on itself to protect the yarn -
all 405 small samples.

I don't have a scanner, but I can just type them in a few at a time &
hope for not too many typos!


And that is all the zeros. Will try to do more later.
Because I have a number of early 1970s books, particularly bargello
ones, I would like to obtain a copy of the Paternayan conversion chart.
Would anyone who has it be willing to scan it? Or if you would send
me a scan or copy, I would create an Excel spreadsheet that has the
conversions and send it to anyone who wanted it.

Thanks in advance,
Susan in Seattle

bungadora wrote:
Glad to help. I might contact JCA myself, just to find out whether
they ever produced their own conversion chart.

I have a paper chart of the US Paternayan yarns dated about 1990. The
back page has the conversion from OLD Paternayan to NEW Paternayan.
This paper chart is not handy or I would scan it and email the scan.
But it did originate with JCA.

And the difference between US Paternayan and UK Paterna is that some of
those lovely colours that used to be available in the US are still
available in the UK. The UK have different numbers and no comparison
is perfect--I got a shade card from Sew Exciting in the UK for a
reasonable sum.

Good luck with the needlework--Irene