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Default Eterna Silk Floss

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I used to read this group on a daily basis, but haven't visited in many, many years. I lost my job (twice!!), found a new job, then retired a few years ago. Unfortunately, due to shoulder, back, and neck problems I haven't stitched much since then. So, I'm purging my stash.

Does anyone remember the Eterna Silk Floss?? I have the entire collection and was wondering if anyone remembers how much it cost. I'm getting some stuff ready to donate to Good Will, and was curious as to how much I could claim on next year's taxes. Any help is appreciated.

I have been knitting over the past few years, but only for a short time each day due to the above-mentioned problems. I do so wish I could stitch again, as I have soooo many UFOs, as I'm sure all of you do, that I'd love to complete.

I remember many of the names that still post here, and was sorry to hear about the passing of Jim Cripwell. I always enjoyed his posts and hearing about his projects.

Anyway, greetings to all from Phoenix, Arizona. I'll check back in a few days to see if anyone remembers these silk threads. Until then, happy stitching!


I loved the Eterna silks but I believe ultimately they were swallowed
up by another company at the time many stitchy places suffered When
I knew I wasn't going to use them, I donated to my local needlework
guild and they were much appreciated.

I expect you will remember Lucille in Florida? She died some years
ago now but her album is still up at rctnp.