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Bill Martin
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Default Regina 1952 Seamstress machine

On 11/16/2015 12:52 PM, BEI Design wrote:
Bill Martin wrote:
Anyone have info on this machine? My wife had this stored in
the garage for years...inside the box is very clean, carrying
box is rough on the outside. Wanting to know if this has
enough value to pack it up & send to my wifes surviving
daughter. It is heavy.

Since no expert has waded in, I'll offer my off-the-cuff opinion. A
google search turned up a similar machine offered at a Goodwill store
three years ago for U.S. $30.00.

The auction ended, it does not indicate whether the machine sold or not.

None show up in an eBay search, and I don't find any collectors groups
pining for that machine.

Having been stored "for years" in a garage (without proper maintenance
and lubrication?) does not bode well for the condition of the machine.
Unless it has high sentimental value to your wife's daughter, I doubt it
is worth the cost of shipping.

Thank you, I had the same thought about it. No Ebay presence says either
"very rare" or "nobody cares". I don't think it was ever an expensive any age. Maybe good for a donation.