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Default old enough to learn?

"Amanda Tikkanen" wrote in

So I'm wondering if she's too young to teach knit or
crochet (my sister can teach the latter--I still haven't
figured it out) since she just turned 5 last week. She
REALLY wants to try, but I don't want her to get
discouraged if she can't do it "right" immediately. Would
something like plastic canvas be more age-appropriate?

well, if she wants to knit, plastic canvas isn't going to
make her happy. it's not the same...
my son is 5 & he knits using a knitting frame, one of those
round plastic ones they sell at craft stores. while he does
occaisionally miss a stitch or 4, it doesn't seem to bother
his perfectionist nature & he's made some nice hats. he has
asked for a rectangular frame next, for scarves.
if you do want to start her with needles, try a size between
8 & 10. most of the kid kits i've seen have 15s or 17s, which
are actually really hard for little hands to hold. they might
be ok for 9 & up, but they're too clumsy for a 5 year old.
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