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Default Sewing patterns, one Issey Miyake

On Thursday, July 24, 1997 2:00:00 AM UTC-5, Marina Salume wrote:
I have these older, unused womens' clothing patterns for sale:

1. Vogue #2736, Issey Miyake Coat, size L/XL
Very loose-fitting, unlined coat, above ankle length,
with collar and back "shield" (covering shoulders and
upper back) $17.50

2. Vogue #1553 Guy Laroche dress, size 16.
Very loose-fitting dress, below mid-calf, vertical pleats on
front and back. $3.00

3. Vogue #1508, Calvin Klein pants collection, size 16.
Three pants patterns, straight legged or slightly flared,
front pleats, side pockets, side openings. $3.00

4. Vogue #2811, Calvin Klein wool jackets, size 16.
Three jacket patterns, very loose-fitting, unlined,
hip length, with raglan or set-in sleeves, trim. $3.00

5. Vogue #2774, Jennifer George, short swing coat, size XL.
Very loose-fitting, flared, lined, above knee-length coat,
optional hood. $3.00

6. Vogue #1639, Jenny Sharp, jacket, pants, and skirt, size 16.
Very loose-fitting, lined, below hip-length jacket. A-line skirt with
contour waist, drop yoke, and pleats. Pants with narrow legs and
elastic waist. $3.00

7. Great Copy #600, pleated pants/shorts pattern.
Small pattern company with easy to make, easy fitting patterns.


Hi - do you still have Vogue 2736 for sale.