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Default Paternayan yarn numbers

I am afraid UK Paterna is no more. The Craft Collection who
manufactured it under license gave up earlier in the year. UK stitchers
will have to swap to imported US Paternayan.

It is not all doom and gloom though. The US range has shades not in the
UK range, many of which are very similar to the old UK 'D' numbers. We
manufacture a range of kits using Paterna, including Jill Gordon's
designs, so we have just had a major exercise to swap over!


Karen Dixon

bungadora wrote:
Glad to help. I might contact JCA myself, just to find out whether
they ever produced their own conversion chart.

I have a paper chart of the US Paternayan yarns dated about 1990. The
back page has the conversion from OLD Paternayan to NEW Paternayan.
This paper chart is not handy or I would scan it and email the scan.
But it did originate with JCA.

And the difference between US Paternayan and UK Paterna is that some of
those lovely colours that used to be available in the US are still
available in the UK. The UK have different numbers and no comparison
is perfect--I got a shade card from Sew Exciting in the UK for a
reasonable sum.

Good luck with the needlework--Irene