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Default Mega quilter problems

I've had no issue with my nachine for years. 2 months ago, the bar on the FMQ foot that rests on the needle bar snapped when I was free motion quilting and my machine was in for service for a month. I have had issues with thread shredding when it's on the frame ever since, especially when I quilt right to left. I have tried EVERYTHING that's posted on dozens of boards. It works just fine off the frame although I haven't tried ruler work off the frame. Husqvarna is no help.
Because the machine threads left to right, I suspect that has something to do with it when sewing right to left. At first, I thought my needle must be piercing the thread causing it to shred. Dont think so? Then i thought bobbin tension is affected when sewing right to left. May be? Surely, they can't expect us to only sew left to right when fm quilting all the time?
I'm using HLx5 needles. Have tried top stitch needles. I've tried Sew Fine, Glide and mettler thread. Sew Fine has always been my favorite. I've ordered new spools. I've disconnected my Quilters Dream Cruise control and am using the basic stitch regulator. Absolutely nothing helps. I've taken it in for service twice and have had multiple phone conversations. Nada.
There are so few conversations on line about the HMQ, I xant decide if it's because no one else has problems with them or so few of us bought them???