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Default Questions about 36ct fabric; plys of thread & bead size?

On 10/22/2017 11:53 AM, Violet Stitches wrote:

I bought the pattern for Mirabilia's Petal Fairy, see it he

Ooo, pretty!

Now I'm contemplating what to do. I have a gorgeous peachy colored, opalescent fabric in my stash, but it's 36ct and I've never worked on that before.

Make sure you lay the flosses on the fabric to make sure they look good
with it, especially with the colors on the edges, so they don't fade
into the fabric.

If I were to stitch 2 over 2, would the thread be too thick for 36 count fabric?

36 ct. equals 18 over 2, so 2 strands of thread (not sure what the
pattern calls for) would cover quite well. 3 strands might be a bit thick.

I'm also considering stitching 1 over 1 but I've never done that before. Will 1 thread be enough coverage on 36ct? The pattern calls for Kreinik...I can't believe that stuff can be worked 1 over 1. Perhaps just using a single strand of blending filament would work?

I've never worked over one (except the face in my Fairy Grandmother and
I don't remember off-hand how many threads I used on it), so I can't
help much there.

Have you guys ever stitched such a large pattern 1 over 1 before, and will mistakes be too difficult to rip out? I doubt I can get through a pattern this size without needing to rip out at least some stitches (I make mistakes all the time).

Also, there's not too many beads on this's hard to tell on the picture but the beads are only at the ends of the fairy's wings and swirling around the bottom of her dress (they aren't packed in too tightly, as they are in other mira's). What size bead should I use for 36ct?

At 18 ct. I would use petite beads, which I don't think would really fit
if you did it over 1.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have.

HTH and keep us posted.


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