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Cheryl Isaak
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On 6/12/05 9:35 AM, in article
, "

I took Pat's advice and pulled out a UFO near completion while waiting
for the fabric I had ordered.

(can someone help Pat, I think she's fainted from the shock)

Passing the smelling salts!

I managed to get all of the millions (well thousands anyway) of beads
into Cinderella (Mirabilia) on Friday. 4 days of eyes
were bugging out! lol

You can see her he
WOW - that is wonderful!

My long awaited reward was starting Bagatelle!

I'd found some fabric locally, at a great price, so I was pretty
thrilled to be able to start Bags immediately!

I'm being "good" that is two finishes to the one start! rofl

I've finished 4 bookmarks - each case, half my design, half a borrow from a
bought chart... 3 for teachers, 1 for a good friend's birthday! Now to come
up with a brilliant idea for the retiring vice principal...