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Default A Finish and a start and an ARRRGHHHH!

On Feb 16, 5:50*pm, "Ellice K." wrote:

Congrats! *No doubt you'll be so thrilled to have them finish finished -
don't stop now....

Oh, I won't!!! I *will* get them done in time for the county fair in

... but found that the canvas I had was a bit short. *I will deal with that later.

Send me a note directly - how big a piece do you need -

Thanks, but it's not necessary. It's only short 2" and in talking to
Arliss (former ng member in Bismarck, with whom I split the canvas)
she gave me the great idea to just sew a heavy fabric on the edges, so
I will do that.

Then, for the 3rd time, as I get about 1/3 thru and thinking it's
still wrong, I take a better look and realize that I'd been correct all

You definitely know my pain! lol I got it all pulled out last night
and started restitching. Got a half row done and started counting
threads again. This time I was one thread too far to the right.