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Default How Can You Tell An Antique from A Copy?

On Monday, February 17, 2014 12:01:20 AM UTC+2, Monica Ferris wrote:
Hallo Monica ,,, nice to read you and nice that you are writing a new book ..
Museums that have an Antiquity department, or Museum textile restoration departments, might help you with such a problem .
Carbo dating is possible with textiles , but within 10 years up or down the exact date.

of course taking it out of the frame is needed as well ..

If someone brought to you a dirty, stained piece of linen in a broken frame and you saw it was a sampler dated 1882, how could you tell it was actually a copy? I'm thinking it was stitched on uneven-count linen with silk floss. This is to be a minor plot point in the mystery novel I'm writing. Maybe not even a plot point, just an interesting incident. Thanks!