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Default How Can You Tell An Antique from A Copy?

Karen C wrote:

Monica Ferris wrote:

If someone brought to you a dirty, stained piece of linen
in a broken frame and you saw it was a sampler dated
1882, how could you tell it was actually a copy? I'm
thinking it was stitched on uneven-count linen with silk
floss. This is to be a minor plot point in the mystery
novel I'm writing. Maybe not even a plot point, just an
interesting incident. Thanks!

Take it out of the frame. If it's the real deal, the
floss colors on the back will be brighter because the
front would have faded from exposure to light.

I'd also look closely to see if the silk is dyed evenly
or not. Many of the early dying processes didn't "take"
evenly on the fibers.

IIRC green was a specific color that was difficult to
dye consistently.

Nyssa, who thinks some of her stash is going to make it
to antique status if she doesn't get back to stitching soon