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On Tue, 16 Dec 2003 12:39:56 GMT, "Dave"

Ah... Angel understands,
The box of stamps I have is mixed. It would take some doing to
seperate into colours. I could, if you wish start saving stamps in those
colours for you. Then when I have about an ounce or so, send them to you.
I have a several pound box of the ordinary British stamps called
Machins by stamp collectors. They are a profile of the queen and are
extremely common. They come in about every colour you can think of as this
design has been in use for nearly 40 years. If that sounds good I can start
soaking them off paper for you.


I'm not really that picky about colors ... it's just the decorating
trend in our home is maroon, hunter green, & navy blue. So I tend to
focus on those.

I'm happy with whatever you'd like to rid yourself of!


P.S. My husband said as long as I don't cover a wall with them ... or
his favorite (UGLY!) lampshade!