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On Mon, 15 Dec 2003 17:40:16 GMT, "Dave"

Oh suspicious one,
Here's the deal. I have a box of postage stamps that are essentially
worthless. Worthless to stamp collectors that is because they are cheap,
common, and damaged. They still do have value as something to be used in
crafts (collages seem most often use stamps). I want to get rid of them,
but don't want to throw them out.
My motive? Do a good deed. One of my requirements is to return the
stamps I used as postage to send them, therefore I get a "reward" of those
stamps for my own stamp collection.


I know exactly what you mean by using them for crafting ... I have a
small collection of similar stamps I've been saving waiting for just
the right "small" project. Most of mine seem to be green - does your
collection happen to tend to blues or reds? If so, I'd love to take
some off your hands.

One project such stamps are perfect for is a stationary box: Use an
old cardboard cigar box or school pencil box (if you can find one!),
cover them with the stamps, lacquer the outside lightly when you're
done, put notepaper, envelopes, etc. inside, and you have a perfect
gift for a long-distance friend or relative for Xmas, birthday, what
have you.

They'd also work to cover a pringles can, which you can fill with
colored pencils, paintbrushes, etc, for an arty friend.

Or a shoebox, to store correspondence.

Lots of uses for old stamps!