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C. Zun Skretene
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In article ,

So... have I satisfied your curiosity?

Well, if you want to have people send you
stamps on cards or envelopes, why offer them
stamps as an incentive? I think you narrow
it down to people who would want to use your
stamps for some reason. But if you requested
that people send you something by mail -
anything at all you can think of - I suspect
you'd get a greater response. For example:

I am a collector of people's "doodles." Won't
you be kind enough to send one of yours for
my collection. I promise to post it to my
web site in an album, and you can watch for
yours to arrive there at:

Or: I am seeking "doodles" to give as gifts
to old folks in the retirement home here as
an incentive for them to create doodles of
their own. etc etc.