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Default Free postage stamps for crafts

Hi all!
I have a lot of postage stamps that can be used in crafts. Many are
damaged, most are very, very common and essentially worthless. They are not
suitable for stamp collecting, even a new collector, but they can have a
second life to be used in crafts. Anyone who would like some, I will send
some free. I sent these sorts of stamps to crafters before.
My only conditions a
My conditions a
1. I mail stamps to you... they are free.
2. You use them only in crafts (they are worthless to stamp collectors so
please don't give any for that).
3. You agree to return the stamps I used for the postage on the package.
I enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope to return them if you are in US
or Canada. If you live in another country I''l have to ask you to pay the
postage back to me.
4. If possible, send me a scan of what you made (just for curiosity you
understand, not a requirement).
The only cost to you is the trip to the mailbox. If you are elsewhere
you bear the postal cost to return my used stamps.
If you agree, reply to this newsgroup postingas my e-mail on this post
is invalid.