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Default heat n bond or steam a seam?

Love the 'regardless of whether I follow the instructions or not' Sunny.
I bought a mess of Misty Fuse but never used it yet. I have had really good
luck with the heat and bond lite over the years. Has to be lite.
I got ahold of some of the 'not lite" (can't remember what it is called)
and ruined a small project.
"Sunny" wrote in message
I love Misty Fuse. I've had nothing but trouble with Wonder Under
(regardless of whether I read/follow instructions or not). Steam a
Seam is fine, but I still like Misty Fuse better. There is now a new
form of Misty Fuse that won't react to UV rays and so you can be
assured that it will never darken inside a project someday far in the
future when a careless heir leaves the quilt hanging in bright