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Default heat n bond or steam a seam?

On May 22, 7:14*am, claudia wrote:
Good morning everyone

Here I am again with a question.

I will be embarking on an applique project to make a baby quilt for a
friend of mine (as soon as she tells me she's pregnant!). I have found
the perfect quilt patten for her (teddy's playhouse) but it involves
applique (Lots and lots and lots). So this gives you an idea of how
special this friend is to me, as some of you may remember me saying
that I really REALLY don't like applique!.

So here's my question; which is better/which shoul I use, heat n bond
or steam a seam???
Preferences? Why?

It makes no difference to me; I will have to buy whichever online so
hit me with the recommendations!



I've tried various fusibles, but prefer steam a seam lite (or is it
light?). You have to sew the edges down - but I'd be doing that on a
babyquilt anyway.

I prefer it because, it works like it says on the package: I've never
had a problem getting it to stick (starched fabric or not), and it
doesn't leave residue on my needle.

I've used it for lettering on towels that went to soccer practise and
games until the towel fell apart and no problem.

And it is not stiff on the quilt after.

Hanne in DK