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Default Crafts of all kinds -- just one way to make a living on your own land

Find Alternative Ways to Make a Living -- on Your Own Land

Real things, like food, shelter and clothing are here to stay, regardless of
what may or may not happen to our particular nation, our economy, our
conveniences, and so on. And raising food, making basic necessities,
mastering many of the forgotten (or nearly so) crafts and trades will serve
us well.

If you're wanting to own and live on a piece of land outside of town, you
can find ways to make a living from the land itself. Use your own tools,
your own barn (that you can build yourself) your own learned skills to
produce goods that will give you something to sell, to trade or barter with.
Learn to make a living doing things that really matter to you and your

It can be done.

For a generous listing of ways to make a living on your own land, visit:

And then click on the "Income from the Land" link.

It's all about quality of life.

Why keep looking to someone else to hire you and train you to serve their
needs? Why not find ways to make your own living on your own land with your
own business. More importantly, why not find work that is satisfying on
many levels, and not just a paycheck?

Happy times to you.