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Kitty Fluff
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Hi Janny

Oh yes I was not able to go on to get a certificate because of healt
issues, but I took many classes that actually qualify me quite nicel
for my women's plus size fashion line I have in mind. I wanted the ful
certificate as there wouldn't have been a thing I couldn't do with it
Yahright! ;

The software for patternmaking is an excellent way to design clothing
You just enter in the measurements and print out an exact fit pattern
You piece the pattern together....with scotch tape, I assume. I reall
enjoyed pattern making by hand but it is time consuming and sinc
time=money hey let's let the computer do it! :

You betcha I'm gonna show off my hard work when the time comes. Healt
is still misbehaving.....don't so many of us know what THAT is al
about!!!! But I am getting antsy......taking SO long.....grrrrr

Thanks for posting Jan.....always so nice hearing from you! Hope you
daughter is still on the speedy mend from her accident. You tak
care, too

Becky :santa

Kitty Fluf

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