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Joy Beeson
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Default Have you read _Straight_ by Dick Francis?

Dick Francis
copyright 1989

_Straight_ is the story of a steeplechase jockey who unexpectedly
finds himself managing a jewel business.

I enjoyed the story very much, and was impressed by the sudden death
-- the jockey's brother wasn't murdered, and didn't die in an
automobile crash. It's rare for a mystery writer to be aware that
there are more than two causes of death.

A week or so after reading it, I wondered: Francis is noted for
getting the world of horse-racing exactly right, but did he do the
same for the world of wholesale jewelry? Two semi-precious stone
dealers lead the acknowledgements page, but research is seldom enough.
I didn't sniff any lamp oil while I was reading, but I don't know
anything about beads and gems.

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