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Originally Posted by RichardPeter
............. My Empisal Instant
is very similar. I have been able to get it working. It makes beautiful
fine stitches. .................
I'd just like to add that I recently bought a Knitmaster Instant off Ebay. Lovely machine but wrong instruction booklet included. I have experience of one or two knitting machines, but casting on with this one is a total mystery!

Is there any simple way you could explain it to us RichardPeter?

I gather the red material tube is for casting on and we need to place the metal rod inside to give it weight, but does that go on the needles with the L shaped needles in front of it or behind it?

I also believe it is a machine where you have to lay the wool across the needles yourself, possibly using the little brush to ensure all needles are shut/open?

Any help much appreciated,