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Default OT (maybe) - blog printing

anne wrote:
Thanks for all the suggestions. FYI, I've done the save as, copy/paste,
changed orientation and scale, and create PDF document procedures but
was hoping someone knew of something to overcome the (*&^%$ bad coding
for most blog servers.

I know it's the blog servers' fault because I created several on
different sites. When doing a print preview or PDF print,
was the only one I tried that didn't insist on the banner being on its
own page and created new pages if needed instead of arbitrarily cropping
content at the botton of page 2. Admittedly, my experiments were brief
but I didn't easily see customization options to overcome this problem.

Note to all you bloggers who are kind enough to post content that you
want people to be able to print, please dig around or bombard the site
management with pleas for fixes.

I always do a Print Preview before printing a web site (blog or
otherwise). I know in MS Exploder you can print frames individually,
together or just the "active" frame (eliminates the banners and side
frames so that just the text/pictures you want will print). I think
there's a way to do that in Firefox, but I don't remember how to get to it.

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