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Default OT (maybe) - blog printing

F.James Cripwell wrote:
anne ) writes:
Quite often, I come across great needlework tutorials that people have
posted in their blogs. When I try to print some of them, the first page
often has just the banner; the content starts on the second page and
everything that extends past that page's margins disappears. Firefox is
my browser of choice but the same thing happens in IE. A post found by
googling seemed to indicate that it was the blogger's fault for not
setting it up correctly.

Does anyone know of a fix from the reader side?
another anne, add ingers to reply

What I would try is to save the blog. File - Save as. Note what name is
used, or give it your own name. Then go off line, find the file, and see
what happens. Jim.

I find that printing web pages (which can be quite "long" and/or "wide")
is often tricky. I cured that by using PDFcreator, much easier.
(No connection with the product, just a satisfied user)