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Kira Dirlik
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On 7 Sep 2004 14:12:40 -0700, (Chris)

I am interested in finding a location near Raleigh/Durham North
Carolina that offers pottery lessons. Anyone know of a good place?

I seem to check here very infrequently, so hope you get to see this
late answer.
Yes, Claymakers in downtown Durham has some great classes, for all
levels of expertise. 705 Foster St. 919-530-8355

Also the Durham Arts Council.
I've also taken classes and workshops at NC State in their crafts
building, in Raleigh. Don't have the numbers right now, but should be
easy to find.
Also the Arts Incubator in Siler City. I'm just taking a salt
glazing workshop there now.... we load the kiln tomorrow. For
something special like that, it could be worth the 50 mile drive for