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Dianne Lewandowski
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Well, I just did a search and can't find anything big enough to be
helpful. (sigh). Is there a picture in your book you could scan and
send to me? Large enough so I can see what you're talking about?


Jeanine3 wrote:

Today I received a book from Italy on this type of embroidery. The
authoress also sent me a sample of the cotton thread (like fine string)
used (a small ball) and a rather generous piece of the fabric (undyed
coarse linen) with sample stitches already done in one corner! I am so
pleased that I just had to share. How fabulous to have a stitched sample
to look at!
Her website is he
the book and website are in italian but click on "vetrina" to see
examples of the different types of embroidery - unfortunately no
closeups of punto caterina de medici :-(
Not the greatest picture he

I can't find anything online with a closeup but it's sort of like
blackwork in that it is done with a single colour: white and the shapes
are geometrical and very pleasing to the eye. It differs from blackwork
though because there aren't really "filled" shapes with patterns. How to
describe it? Hmmm... like white backstitched designs? Very striking though.
The book was 25 euros.
happy friday!
Jeanine in Canada