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Default Oxygen Concentrator Troubleshooting


Did you get your concentrator working?


Stone wrote:

"D Brock" wrote in message
Hi ---

Wondering if any of you know enough about oxygen concentrators to help me
troubleshoot my oxygen concentrator --- or maybe a full fledged medical
equipment repairperson...

I have a Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator. When I start it up, the warning
light briefly comes on (as it is supposed to), goes off after a couple of
seconds. It then seems to run fine for about 30 seconds, then the warning
light comes on, something sounds like it lets off pressure, although it is
still running.

Filters seem clean, but I'm not really sure how many filters there are,
don't have the manual.

Any suggestions?


P.S. To those of you wondering about why I'm talking about this piece of
apparatus in these groups: one often uses a mechanical oxygen

in place of tanked oxygen to run a glassworking torch. And to those who
will say: just take it to a dealer, I will if needed, but I'd rather do it
myself if possible, and also, since the machines are usually used for
medical purposes, repair places often will either "overrepair" or refuse

try to repair something that could leave them medically liable if it were


What happens if you light the torch before the pressure gets to high. Using
up the pressure before it is able to purge. Does the warning light still
come on? It sounds like the sensor that stops the compressor when the
pressure gets to high is malfunctioning.