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Oh suspicious one,
Here's the deal. I have a box of postage stamps that are essentially
worthless. Worthless to stamp collectors that is because they are cheap,
common, and damaged. They still do have value as something to be used in
crafts (collages seem most often use stamps). I want to get rid of them,
but don't want to throw them out.
My motive? Do a good deed. One of my requirements is to return the
stamps I used as postage to send them, therefore I get a "reward" of those
stamps for my own stamp collection.
I'm not a business. Your e-mail & snail mail address will be kept
confidential. And if I see what someone makes, that will be interesting to
me. I have sent such stamps before, but I apparently sent them enough as
they have not requested any since then.
So... have I satisfied your curiosity?

"C. Zun Skretene" wrote in message
In article ,

Hi all!
I have a lot of postage stamps that can be used in crafts.

I don't want your stamps but I have to say, this is
one of the more curious posts I've seen in all my
years of browsing the Usenet groups. What is your
motivation for this, if you don't mind my asking?