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Default Is ths a good deal? Grace Quilting Sewing Frame +Janome 1600 Sewing Machine

Thanks Roberta. I have no idea where I would even find one around here to
try it out. We don't even have a local quilt shop. I may have just missed
it but I don't think there has even been a quilt show in my area either. I
buy my fabric online because the only choices here for fabric is Hobby
Lobby, Wal-Mart and Hancock fabrics.


"Roberta Zollner" wrote in message
No idea about prices, but please don't buy one if you haven't tried it out.
At a quilt show a few years ago, I was able to test drive the Grace (with a
different machine) as well as a longarm and another "home machine" system
the name of which I have forgotten. Grace was better than that other system,
but absolutely no comparison with the longarm. And I thought the wooden
frame was a bit clunky, but YMMD.
Roberta in D