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Default Nevermind

I sent the wrong url and didn't have time to go looking for the right one.
I thought I would try again tomorrow. I would still be interested in what
people have to say about it. I sent the company an email with some stupid
questions I had, but as of yet, they haven't gotten back to me, so it looks
like I won't be ordering it today.

"Sunny" wrote in message
nevermind? sorry, i'm now dying of curiousity. I've never had either of
these but have them on my wish list. I was interested to read what
people said.


bobbi wrote:

"bobbi" wrote in message
Does anyone know if this is a good deal and a good setup? I showed this

my husband in October never thinking he would actually buy it for me, but

my surprise, he told me today to go ahead and order it. Before I do that,

thought I'd ask here because I know how knowledgeable you all are (I've

lurking here for months) and I know someone will have an answer for me.