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"Dennis Swan" wrote in message

How would you differentiate between Lensmax's properties and those of

cerium oxide? What is the difference in how they work? Is the Lensmax
orange in color, too? What do you pay for it?

It is orange in color. I do not get into the make up of products, I
just requested samples from different places and this stuff works the
best for me,
I can not find an invoice but I belive it is about 200 a bucket. I use
this in hand beveling and just add water till it is all mixed, I have
never worried about Ph ect. I go through about a bucket a year and
order two at a time. that is why I belive I paid a little over 400
with shipping two years ago. In fact I will be ordering in the next
month or so.

From the description and price, It sounds similar to CRL Rare Earth, 44lb
pail, about the same, maybe a little more.

The thing is, with all these products, we will all have favorite suppliers
of key ingredients, while Dennis prefers one brand and I another and someone
else likes what they use. All good stuff, but the original post was for
smaller quantities, from a smaller distributor. Does Lensmax come in
smaller containers than the $200 pail?

Because I don't buy it that way, and it doesn't sound like Dennis does
either, does anyone else?
May be stuck with buying more to save from buying it more often and save the
money on the larger purchase. Bet the small container is more money per lb.