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Default To all Brits ,,,, ARE YOU SAFE ???

Bernadette wrote:
On Tue, 26 Jun 2007 22:38:59 +0100, Shirley Shone wrote:

In message , Mirjam Bruck-Cohen
While we have the unbeliebable heat wave i hear you have too much rain
[ please send us some } ,,,, Are you all safe ???

We are safe here since we live on top of a hill, 640 feet above sea
However we cannot get into our nearest town or city for shopping.

There is flooding in the valley below us about 1 mile away.
I feel sad for the people whose homes are under water and have lost a
lot of their household goods.

Thank you Mirjam, yes we are safe. Scotland has escaped the storms so far
and it is the English Midlands, stretching from the west coast across
Wales and the central parts of England to the east coast that have
suffered the most.

Three people have died as far as is known; a man whose car was swept away,
a teenage boy who fell into a swollen river and a pensioner who was trying
to get away from the floods.

In the eastern part of England approximately 1000 people are still being
cared for in schools and community centres until electricity can be
restored, the floods subside and it becomes safe for them to return home.

Near Sheffield engineers have been working all day pumping out excess
water from the Ulley dam as cracks appeared in it's walls yesterday.
They seem to have it under control at the moment but more storms are
forecast for tomorrow in that area. Here are some links with more
information for you.


I am glad to hear you are all safe. My sister just spent a week in
Ireland and a week in Scotland. She just missed all the rain.

Hugs & God bless,
Dennis & Gail