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On 10/5/2017 11:51 AM, Violet Stitches wrote:

Yeah, that's the thing. It cost $25 to enter projects in our fair,
but the winner only gets $3.

YIKES! At least there's no cost to *enter* ours.

In years before they judged the pieces so harshly

I don't think there's anyone actually *knowledgable* about stitching
doing our judging (one piece was so badly mounted there were *ripples*
in the framed work! I wanted to wait for the person and give them some
pointers about mounting and framing!!!). I always thought it would be
helpful to know how to improve one's work but, like you said, being
judged too harshly would definitely put a damper on the spirit of the

Joan, I haven't posted a pic yet, but I just got that red hardanger
heart framed

Oooo! Can't wait to see it!

On a side note: I just got a Lowery floor stand from and
have been loving it.
Lowery Workstand:

Ha! Arliss sent me that link (what a great price!) so, on her
recommendation, I ordered it yesterday. Won't be here for a couple of
weeks, which will give me a chance to finish my Victorian house. I just
have the lower right corner left and the stars in the sky.

I have been spending waaaaay too much on needlework things lately!!! I
also just yesterday ordered the frame for the Vic house. sigh.


See my pictures he

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