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Originally Posted by Irwin View Post
Has anyone used the Sizzix personal die cut system to cut shapes in
raw polymer clay?

A while ago, I tried it out with baked sheets of polymer clay with
fairly good results especially with very thin sheets of flexible clay.
(Not sure where I put my "experiment" or I could tell you what
thicknesses/clays worked.)

I didn't buy the machine, but now I have ideas that would make it
worthwwhile - if it worked with raw clay.

I just came back from A.C. Moore and the sales staff discouraged me
from using it with polymer clay. Among the drawbacks cited were -

1. Clay would muck up the foam in cutter.
2. Low clearance between cutter and cutting board would allow only
very thin sheets to be cut.
3. Clay could stick to cutter and require extra handling to remove
(thus distorting the cutout).

If i had a machine to experiment with, I would try several things to
overcome these problems, e.g., applying a release to the cutters,
using thiner cutting block. But at $70 for the machine alone, I can't
justify buying it without knowing it will work successfully.

Any information on the subject is greatly appreciated.

--- Irwin

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I'm curious...what do you want to do with polymer...that you think you need to run raw clay thru the sizzix? I have seen beautiful polymer pieces made using the sizzix but all were done with cured sheets. I think the beauty of the sizzix is the fact that you can get these thin architectural pieces in polymer that is almost impossible any other way. Particularly intricate cutout designs.